AntLecesne Productions was created to bring together creative people with people who need financing for their projects.  It is the workings of this company to engage creative people of all types; some of whom have completed scripts; partially-completed scripts and many who only have an idea for a TV or a Feature Film. 
Writer/Producer Anthony Herron has over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment industry, having worked extensively in Motion Pictures, Television, Live Theatre and Radio including:
  • ABC Watermark which produced syndicated radio shows including at the time, the world-wide acclaimed weekly show, “American Top 40” hosted by Casey Kasem
  • The ABC Network, Corporate Services, ABC Motion Pictures and Broadcast Operations for the Olympics
  • Columbia Pictures (now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Anthony's on screen appearances have included Feature Films, HANGFIRE, PROM NIGHT and IRON MAN.  His Television appearances include: ENTOURAGE, MONK, CALIFORNICATION and DIRTY, SEXY, MONEY.  His many collaborations have given him access to major figures in film, television and sports.  He has engaged in on-set interviews with Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Director of Public Relations Rich Dalrymple, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, former Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and many other luminaries of the entertainment industry.

Anthony is known for his ability to develop relationships with actors, writers, producers and business executives within the Entertainment industry.  These relationships have given Anthony a rare insight into the passion and power that drives the inner workings of the Industry.  He is known throughout the industry for his catch phrase, "You have to know how things work" and connects the inner machinations of the Entertainment industry between industry executives and the creative society.

Anthony has served in the U.S. Air Force and has a strong technical background.  He attended the U.S. School of Applied Aerospace Sciences and received certification as an Air Traffic Controller. He worked at a pilot training base as an Air Traffic Controller achieving top rated proficiency in Radar Approach Control operations. After his honorable discharge from the U. S. Air Force he completed an internship at the NBC network as a researcher for a talk show, “At One With” hosted by Keith Berwick.

Undergraduate Degrees:
A.A. degree in Journalism, Mt. San Antonio College; Walnut, CA
Bachelor of Science degree in Communications (Broadcasting; writing and producing), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.  

Masters Degree in Creative Writing; California Southern University
Masters Degree in Communications; California Southern University

David Margolis Scriptwriting Program
John Truby's Scriptwriting Program
The Hollywood Film Institute Producers and Directors program 

ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY involvement (partial list):
  • Optioned story/script to Sidney Poitier’s Verdon-Cedric Productions/Columbia Pictures
  • Taught scriptwriting at the Los Angeles Bridge Conservatory
  • Lectured (Scriptwriting) and conducted several seminars at various colleges
  • "Script doctor" for several scripts
  • Writer: five completed feature film scripts
  • Edited Ph.d Doctoral dissertation
  • Created Scriptwriting program for several universities
  • THE PARABLES (in pre-production)
  • BROKEN GLASS (Associate Producer)
  • THE TODD ROAD INCIDENT (in pre-production)
  • A MODERN DAY LYNCHING (in pre-production)
  • PLAY IT AGAIN (in pre-production)
  • TREAT HER LIKE A LADY (in pre-production)

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